We are Wicked Wonderland.  We stand together as a community of unusual, strange, morbid, freakish, interesting, outlandish, sensitive, soulful, brilliant, evil, twisted, decadent, dark, talented, unique, creative, & just plain wicked individuals that wish to enjoy each others company.  We are the fires that burn, the things that go bump in the night, the brightest stars in the darkest night, we dance in the shadows, we sing beneath the moon, we are the night itself, we are Wicked Wonderland.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Whatever you dont, dont piss off Ginger’s little thugs… This group promotes and encourages violence and thuggery. Im a high functioning autistic. I was bullied and chased off. Tried to talk to their ring leader, the red queen… Though she was my friend, but apparently her talk of unity and a collection of freaks and those who dont fit in is only lies… Ginger and her groupies are really a bunch of bullies. Stay away if you’re different… Those of us that dont fit in to the norm are not welcome here. Its all about popularity…. Lies, lies lies. What a disgrace to the Goth Community. They claim acceptence, but accept bullying and cruelty to anyone who Queen Ginger doesnt approve of. This is not a safe a place.

    • I trusted these people. I thought they were my friend… The group of people who have seen through Queen Ginger and her little gang of back stabbing minions is growing. WARNING, Wicked Wonderland is a front for bullying, violence and cruelty. I have left them alone for two years, it seems Queen Ginger has become so caught up in her narcassistic snobbery that she’s forgotten what its all about. DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON.

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