Slumber Party Massacre 2

The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things…

The second annual Slumber Party Massacre is cordially inviting all of you psychotic fiends and haunting phantoms to a nightmarish pajama party.

This year we honor the man who brings our nightmares to light, Tim Burton. We shall be screening your favorite movies on the projector as well as crowning one of you, who dresses in his or her Burtonian finest, with a little dark bundle of prized delight.

So please, find your dark and demented jammies (or closest interpretation for the naked-nappers) and get ready for the most twisted pajama party of the year!

We’ll be playing all your favorite madness inducing music as well as featuring the all request Midnight Hour. The first 20 people to find their way to the DJ booth shall receive a free complimentary CD.


Hosted by DJ Nightshade and some hand picked disturbing/disturbed minions…

DJ Nightshade: [Trad-Goth/Punk/Goth-Rock/Dark 80’s]

DJ Macabria: [Goth-Rock/Deathrock/Punk/Industrial]

DJ Cimmerian: [EBM/Industrial/Goth-Metal]

And our Sandman, who shall gather those wishing to participate in our strange and unusual costume contest:

DJ Razed:


$5.00 / 18+

Dark Lantern Society:

After Dark At The Regal Beagle:

Special Sponsorship from The Redd Queen and DJ Nightshade’s hometown:
Wicked Wonderland:

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