Spooktastic Sale of Doom!

During this, the most sacred & awesome of seasons, we at Wicked Wonderland have decided to celebrate with not only amazing parties everywhere but, some amazing sales as well!  Here are some links to some of the best bargains we will be running all year:





SINthetik Messiah

Formed in 1996 in the southern part of the U.S., this project manages to capture something unique in the world of Industrial Music bordering on many sub-genres, & creating a soul all it’s own.

revelations of the nintendo generation vo1 release date

Watch for the release of, “Revelations of the Nintendo Generation Vol 1” from the Wicked Wonderland Empire!




“There is no story I just exist. My music is a document of my soul. I write music where the ego is present, but selflessness is the blade that cuts throught it all.”
-Bug Gigabyte


“Industrial rarely manages to find beauty among the programming, but Bug Gigabyte of SINthetik Messiah achieves this perfectly. Undeniably interesting and intriguingly unique, the occasionally slow rhythmic drums and the rarity of the vocals make for a distinct sound that one can hardly deny they want to hear more of. The expert programming of SINthetik Messiah deserves to be heard by many and with the gigs he has done, this industrial dubstep act is sure to find its way to a Goth club near you.” Hannah Edington- Death Rat FanZine

“Hailing from the deep South of Louisiana, we have SINthetik Messiah with the gritty stomping electro/dub “DS2”. Razor sharp distorted vocals assault over a slow dub step beat that has been put through a meat grinder for that just right taste of industrial.” DeVico-Coma Music Magazine