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Midsummer Mischeif Edition


Dark Dreams and The Dead

(Past and Future Events)

By: Shayne Doe


Hello dark, spooky misfits, have you heard about our events?  Most have either live bands, DJs or both and encompass multiple dark genres.  Here’s a quick look into last month’s event and a mention of our upcoming one. Don’t get left out in the light. Be prepared!

Last month’s super sexy dark show was Hexheart, Voicecoil and Blakk Glass. Blakk Glass is a new band from Seattle and brought more to us than a dark electronic act. Mixed up in the Darkwave project was a fair amount of raw street punk. Lead vocalist Franki looks like a sleek black alley cat that will either tear you up or lick you to death.  Blakk Glass started the show with purrfection.

Next up was Voicecoil from Denver and favorites of Boise’s dark community.  They did not disappoint and kept us all energized as we dance our little evil hearts into madness.

Last band of the night was a new project brought to us by Jasyn Bangert of God Module. Hexheart’s music was laced (spider web style) with dark dreams, sad times and the stuff we long for but can’t ever seem to reach. They left us wanting more.

So if you missed out, don’t let your little black heart despair.  There will be many more creepy, dark shows to come. Speaking of creepy, on July 14th,  Wicked Wonderland Empire will be holding their annual Exotica Fetish Ball.  The theme is Necromance.  You can find the event on

In the meantime, check you summer survival kit and fly on over to our weekly goth night, Nocturnum, held every Sunday at the Liquid.


Shayne Doe







Welcome to the darkness, we have what you want!

by Erin Justic Geiger



Hello children of the night.

As many of us know finding things to do after dark on a Sunday night can be near impossible especially for us: the odd, the dark, the strange, and the different.

Wicked Wonderland and their associates understand that even though the Goth and Industrial community has grown quite a bit, finding a place where we can go out and just be ourselves without fear of judgment and harsh criticisms has been something we have had to fight to achieve for decades if not longer.

Nocturnum was founded as a stronghold and a safe place for the goth community to gather, have some drinks, dance, and socialize with others just as freaky as the rest. This event was founded By the lovely Redd Empress Ginger, Hatter, and DJ bones, over a decade ago and has grown and evolved in the most delicious ways. This event has brought to light many outstanding local musicians and DJ’s as our allies such as Lithium Twist, Emythist, ev400, 5QU1RR3L, and many others who have volunteered as staff and friends.


Nocturnum is currently the longest running Goth event in Boise and its surrounding areas. This event gives the community and outlet to express themselves, make friends, and experience many different facets of the underground lifestyle. Although this event is centered around the gothic community we welcome all walks of life from the punk culture, to the rave scene. It doesn’t matter who you are , where you’re from, who what you identify as we are the sanctuary for the night crawlers and those who simply don’t know where they fit.

Like any other sanctuary, here at Nocturnum we have a set of rules everyone is made aware of and must respect:


Rule 1: CONCENT. ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT, you will not touch, follow, or take pictures of anyone without their verbal consent.


Rule 2: RESPECT. We all come from different places, have different beliefs, and live different lives. That’s what makes us so great! If you can’t respect that then this is not the place for you.


Rule 3: NO DRAMA. Not everyone is going to agree nor like one another. Its apart of being people. Leave whatever issues you may have with someone at the door. This is there place of sanctuary just as much of yours. If you cannot put your differences aside then avoid each other. We are all adults. Act as such.


Rule 4! HAVE FUN! This is a place of welcoming. Dance, drink, get to know the fellow loonies around you! Life is too short to be wasted why not let lose and be yourself!


We are a 21 and over event currently held every Sunday night at the Liquid Lounge from 10:00pm- 2:00am free of cost. Just don’t forget to tip your bartender.

Come by and check us out!

And don’t worry, we don’t bite…if you don’t want us to!

See you there!

Check our community calendar for more information:


Fantasy February Edition




Industrial Pop Tour 2017


With special guests





AESTHETIC PERFECTION new single „Love like lies“


No love – just lies. In the blink of an eye, an explosion decays, eclipsed by the rhythm of a march; a raging inferno dwindles to ember before igniting again. AAESTHETIC PERFECTION’s new single, “Love like lies,” contemplates the perils of passion and the menace of ambition. Delivering his signature, multifaceted style, Daniel Graves stitches together industrial, trap, and dark pop in an imaginative new step forward for AESTHETIC PERFECTION.


“Love like lies” is available worldwide since December 2nd, 2016, via Graves’ own CLOSE TO HUMAN MUSIC label. The 4-track digital single features remixes Russian trap/chillout producer CHVRN, London-based electro artist MXD BLD, and Swedish electropop trio AUTO AUTO. A cassette release, limited to 100 pieces, will also be available through Bandcamp.


AESTHETIC PERFECTION is the solo project of Los Angeles-based producer Daniel Graves. Over a career spanning 15 years, five full-length-albums, and numerous singles and music videos, Graves has reinvented what it means to be a dark electro artist, combining industrial, pop, goth, and everything inbetween. AESTHETIC PERFECTION defies definitions in a world that demands them.



Direct support SOLAR FAKE from Germany


Solar Fake is a German Electro act, formed in 2007 by Sven Friedrich (Zeraphine, Ex- Dreadful Shadows). Their latest album “Another Manic Episode” was released in October 2015 and hit the German album charts (billboard) at #31!


The band played 2 headliner tours in Germany, with most of the shows sold out, many festivals (e.g. Amphi Festival, M’Era Luna, Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Orus Fest in Mexico, E-Tropolis etc.) and they supported VNV Nation, Covenant, Project Pitchfork, Peter Heppner (Wolfsheim) and Camouflage on their tours in Germany and Europe. Besides Germany Solar Fake played in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, UK, Israel, Russia, Czech, Ukraine and Mexico.


In November the band participated in “Gothic Meets Klassik” where their songs were performed together with the symphonic orchestra of Zielona Gora at Gewandhaus Leipzig.


NYXX opening


“My God finally. FINALLY. Get a taste of this decay. [This] is one of those you’ll be hearing more about. NYXX carries herself well, and the cover [of the album] should give you every indication what to expect: excellent vocal carry with a biting sense of reality. …watch what this girl does.”


Her name is inspired by the Greek goddess of night. Growing and cultivating in the shadows of Los Angeles, NYXX is the powerhouse idol the music world has been summoning. A professional photographer and visual artist, NYXX is bringing authenticity and consciousness to pop music. Self-described as “goth pop,” NYXX delivers the darker side of glitz with a biting, decayed EBM and industrial influence. She is self-produced, self-taught, and unstoppable.

“Britney Spears meets Nine Inch Nails.”

“A female Rob Zombie.”


However you describe her, NYXX is intriguing, new, and exciting. Bewitching audiences with innate and truly unique vocal performances, she has entered the pop scene through the creepy back alley. Backed by a Kickstarter campaign, NYXX self-released her debut EP, Nightmare, in April 2016. She is currently writing with numerous artists, as well as continuing to collaborate with AESTHETIC PERFECTION’s Daniel Graves.

This summer marks the commencement of the underworld take over.

Catch them at one of our events!




Models of the Month

The Whoreos


Queens of the Empire & delishiously yummy treats.



Wicked Winter War


The Queens are having an epic battle over who gets to punish the minions! It is up to you to vote to see who wins. The Redd Queen with her doom bunnies, dragons, tigers, ready to punish you with mental floggings. The Black Queen with her rodent army lead by commando squirrels, waiting to punish you with her floggers. Or will it be The White Queen with her Jedi Kittens, & llamas ready to punish you with cuddles & tea. You decide!

Vote Here:





Decadent December Edition

The Evil Flying Chickens


I first met Jason Charles, lead singer/song writer for the Evil Flying Chickens in New Orleans five years ago.  It was Southern Gothic Festival time, held during a very humid July weekend.  I was there with my band, The Lithium Dolls, & Jason being one of the locals, was our Ambassador.  This, my dear Wonderlanders is where we go down the rabbit hole…


Jason took my crew out the night before SoGo to tour the French Quarter.  None of us had ever been to New Orleans, & the city was every bit as decadent, & alive as any story has ever lead you to believe.  Here were the streets Anne Rice had vampires prowling, here were the back alleys Poppy Z. had lost souls wander, here were the voodoo shops, here was the Cathedral where demons whispered by, here was the mansion where the Candyman exacted his revenge, you could feel it swirling around you, watching you, taking you into it’s clutches.

We walked in & out of strange little bars; one right next to the other.  We went to an Absinth Lounge, we went to a vampire night where we were greeted warmly by friends we had met online, we drank just enough for the jazz, the colors, the flavors, & the clubs of the quarter to mix together into one electric blur.  Jason, as our tour guide, with his dark hair, & his dark eyes, had become more, & more like some sort of etherial creature guiding us through a city just the other side of the first circle of hell.

He took us into a strange little sports bar, & asked the bartender something we couldn’t hear.  Before we could even order a drink, he was walking us back out.  We were confused but, we followed him down a narrow alley.  We crossed over some sort of invisible boarder line because now, we are walking on stepping stones made of large books, & over a bridge into a court yard with a little night garden, there may have been fairies, or very large butterflies, or maybe we were drunk, we still don’t know.  We walked into the door of the tiniest bar ever, we almost didn’t all fit.  We were all handed some strange shot that tasted like sweet fire before being rushed down some dark stairwell.  Demons stared at us from above, & the walls were lined with skulls.  Down, down, down, we went, deeper, & deeper, darker, & darker, more bodies lined the walls.  The stairway opened up into a large red dungeon.  The tables were all inside cells made of iron bars, & the sound of Rob Zombie welcomed us in.  Suzi (my sister/former bass player), & I were fairly certain we were never going to be allowed to leave this place, & we weren’t really sure we wanted to.  Maybe we would just live in it, & become the reigning Queens of hell, that would be just fine.  We drank something else we were handed here.  It might’ve been some kind of punch, it could’ve been the souls of the damned, maybe it was blood? We weren’t sure but, it was red, & we liked it.  We took some amazing pictures down there that to my knowledge, did not turn out.  Some details of this part of the journey, I’m leaving out for believability, just…let’s say there were no pics so it didn’t happen.

We found a labyrinth in the back made of books, & we followed it for a while until we came to a dead end.  We stood there trying to deliberate what we should do next when all of a sudden, Jason came out of the wall as if that were just the normal thing to do.  He directs us to pull a certain book in the wall, & heads back the other way through the labyrinth.  We look at each other perplexed for a moment, then do as instructed & pull the book.  A door with a bright light on the other side cracks open.  Do we dare see what’s on the other side?  Fuck ya we do!  We push that door right open, only to discover it was just the ladies room.  We go ahead & use it since we are there, & then find our way back through the book labyrinth to the dungeon.

Jason, then, leads us up some stairs, up, up, up past the bodies, & demons to yet another bar this one, with green walls, a dance floor, & Sisters of Mercy playing loudly.  We are handed green drinks.  We drink them, & we dance.  We leave soon after, dancing back down the streets of the French Quarter following our guide.

The next night, was the first night of SoGo.  We were crammed into this tiny bar with a large courtyard in the back.  Goth/Industrial people from all over the country, all packed in together, having a lovely time being ourselves.  Jason’s band was playing.

The Evil Flying Chickens were on stage rocking it as the anthem for the dark, strange magic that bound us all together.  This brings us to the point of this article, this brings us to what the Chickens really are:  They are graffiti on old buildings, they are the house parties where you & your best friends did that crazy stuff you tell stories about for the rest of your lives, they are dive bars that feel like home, they are kids hanging out on city streets, they are the taste of old southern spices, they are a trip through the French Quarter into places that you’ll never find again.  In short, Wonderlanders, the Evil Flying Chickens are some strange, funny piece of rare magic that this realm may never see again.  They are that familiar bond we have that is starting to fade away.

I’m sorry to tell you that I went back to New Orleans about 2 years ago, & never found some of the places we went.  They are now gone forever.  The Chickens though, have a new album out, & when I listen to it, I am always reminded of that little last breath of the same magic.  Without that, I would worry that there may be no hope for this world at all.

You can pick up their new album, Music for Pyromaniacs here:


Artist of the Month

Thea Theodosa Model/Cosplayer

Daemon Hunter by trade.
Tea Enthusiast by hobby.
Greetings, I am Thea Theodosia,
at your service.



Photo courtesy of Jerrod Pfeiffer Photography

#BlackMouthCult is a rapidly growing mass of artists, musicians and performance talent in the South West United States and beyond! This unusual performance art collective is geared towards deprogramming the populace by creating an installation of dark transcendence. Cult leader Artie Fufkin brings you infinite amounts of koolaide to inhibit your ability to support systematic oppression. Why accept a false religion when you can join an honest cult?

Apply to join here:

Sinthetik September Edition


September Shows!


It’s going to be one crazy night! Wicked Wonderland Empire is proud to present:


Angelspit throws the listener in the middle of a sonic war zone. Their live shows ARE a war zone. Pure energy. Pure fun!
Their music is driving. Their design and fashion are fierce. Their photography is visually arresting. Their artwork is bold and striking.
Currently based in Chicago, IL USA, Angelspit has launched eighteen releases since their inception in June 2004.
Hailing from Sydney Australia, known for tortured synthesizers, slamming drums and intelligent, relevant lyrics – with a twist of sarcasm.
Angelspit has played many major European festivals (Mera Luna, Summer Darkness, Wave Gothic Treffin and more), toured North America, Europe, UK and Australia. Their music and performance have been recognized, critically acclaimed and slammed through numerous media outlets.
This year, Angelspit embarks on their seventh major US tour promoting their new album “Cult Of Fake”. This is
Angelspit’s 6th studio album, released on June 6, 2016 – the ten year anniversary of Angelspit’s first full length album, KRANKHAUS. “Cult Of Fake” features EBM/EDM club-destroying beats smash against Angelspit’s harsh industrial sound on the new 12-track album, crafting a vicious new thumping hybrid, making “Cult Of Fake” Angelspit’s first album to
focus on dance music.
Angelspit online:
FaceBook –
Website –
Soundcloud –
Angelspit’s 2016 album “Cult Of Fake” –

Die Sektor

Die Sektor released their first album ‘To Be Fed Upon’ on the harsh industrial label Noittek in 2006. After several week of topping the DAC and a handful of shows in the U.S. and Mexico, Die Sektor went on a long hiatus while Scott starting putting together material that would advance and not copy dark electronic music. In 2010 they released the genre bending album ‘Applied Structure In A Void’. Upon the release of ‘ASIAV’ in 2011 Die Sektor divided audiences and critics. For many fans in the genre of Industrial ‘ASIAV’ raised the bar as far as the quality and songwriting that could be done with dark electro industrial music.
After several shows across the US Die Sektor began to gain a reputation for intense, exciting and powerful live performances. In 2012 Die Sektor released the follow up to ‘ASIAV’ with the extremely emotional and dark album ‘The Final Electro Solution’. With ‘TFES’ Die Sektor continued to raise the bar for the industrial genre and a specific and unique sound that is Die Sektor, began to emerge. Die Sektor set out on a US tour to support the album, gaining fans and raising the craft of electro shows to new levels. Through 2011 and 2012 Die Sektor remixed bands on almost every industrial label and of every industrial style across the globe. Die Sektor has built a strong reputation as one of the top remix producers in the genre.
In 2013 Die Sektor put the final touches on a new studio album titled ‘(-) existence ‘. The new album has been touted as the final chapter in ‘The Void Trilogy’ made up of ‘ASIAV’ and ‘TFES’. (-) existence became the most critically acclaimed album from Die Sektor to date. In 2014 Die Sektor did their first European tour starting and then toured the U.S. again. 2015 Die Sektor released the void trilogy box set, a new vinyl of remixes and a new single. After two U.S. tours in 2015 Die Sektor is finishing up their next studio album ‘Death My Darling I’ and will be playing many of the new songs on tour in 2016 with Angelspit.
Check Die Sektor’s Face Book for the latest news:

With Special Guests:

The Dead Room

Friday, September 23th in Seattle, WA

& Saturday, September 24th in Boise, ID

Get out & go to a show!


A Page From The Tour Diary of La Fin Absolute Du Monde

“Our health care system squanders money because it is designed to react to emergencies. Homeless shelters, hospital emergency rooms, jails, prisons – these are expensive and ineffective ways to intervene and there are people who clearly profit from this cycle of continued suffering.”
-Pete Earley

Another tour in the books.  We’re finally done with this leg of the #ClarityTour2016.  Capped off with a bit of a “home show” in the Central Coast of California where Chicky and I lived for a short time. We had some good friends that knew we were going to be pretty much homeless after having to move from the house we were living in, so they told us that if we could make our way about 4.5 hours south of the San Francisco Bay Area, we could live with them in a gorgeous little beach town called Grover Beach, just south of San Luis Obispo.

Here is Jason and Natasha.  Natasha and her husband Aubrey took us in when we were in desperate need of shelter.  Natasha is like a bit of goth Snow White.  Here she is trying to get Jason to hold one of her birds.

Having no other options, we packed up everything we could fit and started driving south. The kindness of others kept us from being momentarily destitute. So, these wonderful people, and the Central Coast hold an amazingly special place in our little black hearts. Now we’re touring for a while.  With our sights set on a new record at the end of this year and a tour of South East Asia and Europe, it’s time to get back to work.  Not the cool work that a D.I.Y tour like we’d like to embark on like that requires.  But more, I guess you’d say traditional jobs.  Sometimes these tours aren’t that financially advantageous, and taking the leap to fly into Mexico City (a place where at the time the US dollar was 18-1 to the Mexican peso) you don’t make much money. So we’re back on that 9-5 (or in my case that 12pm-12am) grind that motivates us to get out of our hole here in Oakland, CA and start spreading theLFADM gospel to as many places and to as many people as possible. Now that us and the van are back home we figured we could just peacefully attempt to settle back into “real life”.

Momentary rest before getting back to Momentary rest before getting back to “regular life”

For those of you that don’t know, not only do we live in a music rehearsal studio, I work here too.  It’s a pretty cool job, I can’t lie.

Chicky and Arion Salazar(Fungo Mungo, 3rd Eye Blind, Flipsyde, Lisa Marie Johnston) after a recording session with hip hop group Flipsyde. I'd like to ad that Arion played on our upcoming record as well!!

Nestled in the industrial side of the lower bottoms of West Oakland, it’s a pretty private musical getaway.  With no residential neighbors and no other business that deal with the public around, we’re in a world all to ourselves.  Well, kinda to ourselves.  Much like other large cities in the US we here in Oakland are dealing with a HUGE homeless problem.  Maybe some of you saw the story that went viral about guy that made the tiny houses out of scrap material that people illegally dump in Oakland? Well that was here…on our street.  Chicky and I see having proper shelter as a basic human right.  I think most people do.  Although we as a people tend to let the feeling of cognitive dissonance set in and dismiss those that are drug and alcohol addicted stay without shelter.  They’ve made their figurative bed and now they have to lie in it.  Or not.  Because more often not there is no bed for most.  Again, we’re a non residential area.  Literally at the bottom of Oakland.  People sleeping in the fetal position on the sidewalk among a pile of dumped trash is a common site.  Sometimes you’re just happy that it’s a living person and not a dead body (This area was also a known body dump for a while as well!).  Living among the tiny houses is like living next to any other neighbor.  You would see them in the mornings, sweeping the front area of their home showing some pride in where they lived.  Granted, these are still alcoholics, and drug addicts.  The downtrodden, that while still coping with various crippling addictions, they attempt for some normalcy in their lives.  We know what it’s like to live in these conditions.  Before we moved into Soundwave Studios, we were living in our van.  A choice we made since we are constantly touring, and paying soaring Bay Area rent prices wasn’t a fiscally sound decision.

Here is a picture of the the encampment the day we left for tour June 10th.  It's twice as big now!

For about 6 months we lived in various parking lots, stayed at friends houses from time to time and kept up our Planet Fitness membership so we could shower in the morning.  Most people didn’t know we were homeless.  We didn’t feel or look homeless, but we were pretty fucking homeless.  Nothing reminded me more of how homeless we were when we awoken by the cops one night.  We had just bought our 1st tour van.  Wendy the Ford Windstar.  Purchased for under $1,500 we knew we not only had a road warrior van, but a mobile home as well.  We had been sleeping in the Food Max parking lot in Richmond, California for about a month.  We were in between tours working a big promotional job for a major tech company.  So, this was a perfect way we could work and save money.  We were also in the process of pressing vinyl and gearing up for a very large tour for our remix album that featured a remix by Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu).  The police saw the old looking van with shades up everywhere to prevent someone from looking in and figured people we staying in it and had to check it out. Before we knew what was happening we were ordered out of our car and told to sit on the sidewalk.  I was pretty fucking angry.  I felt like they were trying to embarrass us.  We hadn’t done anything.  We were staying in the back of the parking lot away from everyone.  Not trying to be a bother.  Hell, we wouldn’t even use the bathroom at the Food Max unless we could buy something. But here we are now.  One officer going through our vehicle and the other with his eyes on us like we’re common criminals.  The one watching us kept telling me to sit and I wouldn’t.  I didn’t want to.  I told him that I’m not a criminal and I refuse to sit here like one. It felt humiliating have the police lights flashing, cops around us.  I pride myself on never being that sort of spectacle, but here I was.  Living in a van with my wife, getting questioned by police in a the very neighborhood I grew up in. I was fearful of seeing any familiar faces. They seemed very curious about who we were.  I guess we didn’t seem like the typical people they tell to leave the Food Max parking lot for vagrancy.  When we told them we were musicians working a job in between tours they didn’t believe us.  One officer asked, “What’s your band called?” We of course replied with the name and how to spell it.  As he searched for us on iTunes, our Descend EP popped up and the officer exclaimed, “Hey, there you are! You didn’t lie”. He started to play it and liked it.  He actually bought our EP on the spot and started looking up our videos on YouTube.

We didn’t get a ticket that night.  We were just told to leave and that if we came back we’d probably get a ticket.  We drove around for a while looking for a place to park so we could sleep.  It was a very desperate feeling.  We felt for a moment like maybe this music thing isn’t worth it.  But we had a record and big ass tour to see through so we toughed it out a little longer and found a spot nearby,  safe from law enforcement (ironically right across the street from the police station). Fast forward a few years later and here we are living in a studio, across from the homeless.  Like A LOT OF HOMELESS.  It’s grown exponentially since we left for tour over two months ago.  A criminal element has finally sunk its claws into our once docile encampment.  The drug dealers have set up shop in the camp, showing no shame, dealing literally in the middle of the street.  Junkies shooting up in cars litter not only our street but all the surrounding areas. The lowest level of drug addicted and mentally ill prostitutes walk the street in broad daylight. Some riddled with open sores, some underage. Sex trafficking is real on Wood St. It’s become an open air brothel for the truckers that park along our street. There is a stench in the air like none other when you walk down Wood St.  Like being trapped inside of a backed up port-a-poty.  The homeless shanty town across the street is not only littered with the garbage of the privileged citizens, it’s also a giant public toilet.   No really, I had to pick up some dudes turd and makeshift toilet paper in front of our door the other day.

This is Pochahontes and her dog.  She lives across the street in the growing encampment.  She too is fearing the new people that are moving in...

Greed. It’s greed over human life. And it’s the willingness on the part of people who seek personal enrichment to destroy other human beings. That’s a common thread. We, in that biblical term, we forgot our neighbor. And because we forgot our neighbor in Pine Ridge, because we forgot our neighbor in Camden, in Southern West Virginia, in the produce fields, these forces have now turned on us. They went first, and we’re next.

-Chris Hedges

I was born here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Oakland to be exact.  So this is home.  I don’t know the solution to this problem, and I’m fully aware that all these people aren’t leaving anytime soon.  I’m fully aware of all of the systemic factors that can put people in a situation where you find yourself living in a makeshift shanty town tent city below the freeway.  Really I do.  Maybe that’s why it’s so goddamn frustrating! Living here, you actually build relationships with some of the people.  One woman for instance who now is a drug addicted prostitute was at one time a friend to Chicky and I.  She did everything she could to support our music from the moment we met.  She would come to shows and even buy merch.  She’d play our music to anyone that would listen.  But her addiction to drugs took over.   She’s a 40+ year old local street walker here on Wood St., and sadly at times she’s barley recognizable.   I know the pain of addiction all too well.  Some of you might not know, but I grew up with a mother that was addicted to drugs for the majority of my formative years. I saw up close and personal what damage it can do to a person.    My mother’s addiction came to a head when I was 20 years old and I watched the paramedics carry my mother off in an ambulance in a state of “methamphetamine psychosis”. Devastating effects, but not all of these effects have to be permanent.    I’m happy to say that my mom is clean and  doing just fine. She’s is a social activist fighting for workers rights to a living wage.  She’s just one of many stories that I personally know of people that have sank to the bottoms of human despair, to rise out and thrive.  I say this because I understand that people can hit a true a bottom, and with the right support, you can achieve so much.  When I look outside, and I see the growing encampment.  I see the dead eyes of the people that live in it.  When I see levels of despair people feel coupled with lack of resources and opportunity at these peoples disposal, I feel “hope” is a filthy 4 letter word.  I don’t know where we should start to try to solve this homeless problem, and because of that I at times loose faith.  Not faith in a deity, but faith in humanity.  Have these people lost theirs? Or we have we lost ours because we know are viewing these human beings as parasites.  Sub-human creatures that are no longer worthy of living.  Sometimes I feel that the cyclical reality of a fear and consumption based society has made is blind to the struggles of our fellow man.  I’m face to face with the reality of a changing city everyday.  Rising rents, more RV’s and cars parked up and down every alley and industrial street in West Oakland with people living in them.  I’m going to continue to have a dialogue with my homeless neighbors and I’m writing this because we have some extremely kind, caring and intelligent fans/friends.  I’m writing this with the hope that the collective minds of good people can help us come with something that can start a process to help these people out.  Outside of hipsters trying to lessen their carbon footprint, not everyone wants to live in a “tiny house”. I will close with this quote from Julien Benda

“We can serve privilege and power or we can serve justice and truth. And those of us who commit to serving justice and truth, the more we make concessions to those who serve privilege and power, the more we dilute the possibilities of justice and truth.”

For more blogs, show information, music links & more fro La Fin Absolute Du Monde, visit:

Love y’all


Suicide Prevention Commando DJ Tour


Two-time Mechanismus Industrial Award winner for Best DJ Daemon Chadeau will be launching a two month long DJ tour through the Greater Seattle area to help raise awareness and to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  The tour begins in September at Club Contour for Jaded and ends mid October at El Norte for Full Moon Goth Night.
“Each year approximately one million people die from suicide”
-opening sample from “Cause of Death: Suicide by Suicide Commando
The sample from the beginning of their classic album “Axis of Evil” may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not always are the numbers regarding suicides accurate due to stigmas associated with mental health.  Still, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States with approximately 43,000 perishing last year.  Furthermore, 9.3 million adults in the U.S. reported having suicidal thoughts in the past year according to the Center For Disease Control.  Many in the community know people who have taken their own lives, as well as many (including themselves) who have had suicidal thoughts or have unsuccessfully attempted. In the past.
Two years ago, Seattle area DJ Daemon Chadeau wanted to help his then-fiance (now wife) Gennifer Holland raise money for the local Out Of The Darkness Walk, which occur every October.  Being a survivor himself as well as (soon-to-be) married to a survivor, he thought it would be an excellent idea to use his monthly Mercury event Rezonance as a fundraiser and raised $50 for the cause.  The following year, he doubled it to over $100.  This year, being without a monthly recurring event at The Mercury, Daemon decided to incorporate this fundraising effort over a two month stretch of DJ sets at various clubs in the Northwest leading up to this year’s Out of the Darkness Walk at Seattle Center on Sunday October 23rd.  

What he dubbed “The Suicide Prevention Commando DJ Tour”, it started the first week of September at Club Contour for the weekly event Jaded.  While he is still booking dates for the tour he has more confirmed dates for Sunday, October 2nd at The Baltic Room for Mechanismus Eastern Front, October 12th at The Mercury (ironically on the second Wednesday he used to hold Rezonance) and the weekend of October 14th/15th at El Norte Lounge for Full Moon Goth Night.  Daemon donates his end of the night payout as well as whatever he collects from patrons to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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If you want to help but, you can’t make it to any of the events, you can donate here: