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Morrison’s Prophesy


Morrison’s Prophecy is an instrumental electronica act based deep within a hidden laboratory in the catacombs of the Seattle Underground and made up of composer The Reverend Warlock Kevin J Byrne Esq. and a device known as The Infernal Apparatus. The name is derived from comments made by Jim Morrison of The Doors in which he predicted that the future of music would see “bands” being comprised of a single individual aided by machines.
Kevin J. Byrne has been a member of numerous independent and long-forgotten bands’ such as Epilogue, The Door Poets, Morpheus Laughing and The Devil’s Interval. He has been involved in music since he was old enough to pull himself up to his Grandmother’s piano and hit the keys to make noise. His approach to composition is based in theater with visual presentation and thematic elements being as integral to the concept as the music itself.

The Infernal Apparatus is a dubious hodge-podge of circuitry and wires which arrived on Kevin’s doorstep one afternoon, and has yet to divulge its complete history or purpose.

Influences range from the obvious, such as Gary Numan, Skinny Puppy and Front 242; to seemingly unrelated sources as diverse as Gordon Lightfoot, Styx, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Habib Kote.

“I am of the opinion that music is not something that should be constrained by genre. It should simply be listened to, and enjoyed, for what it is.” -KJB

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